No matter the dialect, Rob can help you to sound authentic and intelligible. His quick, thorough and flexible approach utilizes not only how a dialect sounds to the ear, but also how it feels in the mouth. You won’t just be listening to isolated sounds and trying to repeat them. You will also learn how to feel the dialect in your mouth, so that once you speak in the dialect, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that it will sound right to those who hear it.

For those seeking to neutralize their native accent, or to rid themselves of it entirely, Rob has over 15 years of experience working with actors on just that. Many casting directors tell actors that they need to be able to switch off (or eliminate) their accents in order to increase their castability. Rob has coached accented actors who have then walked into casting offices sounding completely American, and then said, “By the way, I do a great _______ (whatever their native accent or dialect is.)” He can conduct his lessons in person or via Skype.”

If you have an audition that requires you to use a dialect, Rob can work with you quickly to attain it with accuracy. He will not only teach you the necessary vowel and consonant substitutions, but also the rhythm, melody, pitch, tone, and idioms of the dialect. He will work with you on specific sounds, words, sentences and ultimately on your sides so that you may fully transition into the role.


As an actor born and raised in England, performing with an American dialect seemed an extremely daunting task! Because of Rob’s uniquely fun, engaging and masterful approach to dialect coaching, not only was I able to confidently and convincingly play any American role, but I booked my very first Audition in LA – a recurring role on HBO’s ‘ENTOURAGE’! Thanks Rob! I owe ya! – Ash Nair

Rob is the best. I have used him for four different dialects now — Swedish, British, Australian, and Minnesotan — and his knowledge and direction have been thorough and impeccable. I know he coaches in person, but we’ve used Skype for each of our sessions so far, and it has worked beautifully (and conveniently). He is always prepared for our coaching sessions. We review the IPA for each dialect, the placement, melody, etc., and then we apply it to the script. He will even record it so I can listen to the re-play and help my recall. I feel like I get more than my money’s worth (and he is reasonable.) I highly recommend! – Jen Nikolaisen