Many professionals have come to Rob because they are tired of having to repeat themselves countless times in the office, out with friends, or even at Starbucks. Before working with Rob, many have complained that they were passed over for promotions or extra assignments on account of their accent or unpolished English.

No matter the accent, Rob can reduce or eliminate anyone’s native sounds.  His encouraging style will make you feel at home with sounding American and clear in your speech. His quick and thorough approach utilizes not only how the American accent sounds to the ear, but also how it feels in the mouth.  You won’t just be listening to the accent and then trying to repeat it.  You will also learn how to feel the accent in your mouth, so that once you speak in an American accent, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that it will sound natural to those who hear it.

For those seeking to neutralize their native accent, or to rid themselves of it entirely, Rob has over 15 years of experience working with professionals on just that. Rob coaches accented actors so that they can walk into any business meeting, presentation, or interview with renewed confidence in their American speech. Rob can conduct his lessons in person or via Skype.